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Review by megaweiner:

"i was alerted to my firnd review so i decided to check it out, where iwas met with a dark webpage covered in ghastly white font. "phantasmagoria" stood supreme above all font and rlly sppoked me to my core. at first, the reveiw rmentioned how the author had been aplying puzzle games and they found this one and decided to play it. after a bit of character bakcstory they mentioned how the game was rlly creepy but it wasnt cus ghosts.. it was even scareir.. further in the review i learned that the game is unpredicable and that the ahuthor was scared by things that the cahrater wasnt. i think thisi s my favorite part in the review. then i leaned that there is a tlaking skeleton head. that is too dman scary i dont want to review this anymore"

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